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DEAL OF THE DAY: 55% Off on Je T'Adore Chocolate Box (12pcs) by Benoit Nicolay with Delivery nationwide- From P900 to P405


  • Benoit Chocolates use pure cocoa only, no additives, no preservatives
  • Choice of 3 types of chocolates
  • Inclusive of Delivery Nationwide on Feb 14
  • Personalized card message
  • Convenient online ordering
  • No additives and no preservatives added

The Fine Print

  • 2 coupons per person (Limit to 1 per person, the other coupon must be given as a gift or both coupons as a gift)
  • Available only through online ordering at
  • Available in any combination of all dark (dark passion or valencia), all milk (milk passion or extra plaline), mixed (strawberry, dark and milk passion, 4 of each) and dark and milk (6 of each)
  • Coupon Valid from February 4 to 11, 2011
  • Includes a personalized card message
  • Includes Delivery anywhere in the Philippines
  • Delivery date can be on February 14, 2010

"It’s been a while since a chocolate surprised me and Benoit Nicolay Belgian chocolates did that.  The chocolate brings a character of its own.  The shell of the truffle softly breaks open and reveals a ganache center that has a contradicting light and deep premium chocolate taste."
READ MORE BY: BetweenBitesBenoit Nicolay, A Touch of Classic Sweetness
Je T'Adore (I Adore You)
Nothing says “love” like a big box of gourmet chocolate, beautifully arranged in a box so lovely that it’s a gift unto itself!
The chocolates are packaged in a pristine white box tied by a ribbon around the box symbolizing a deep bond between your hearts. Once opened, a bold script text in vibrant red font presents you the word Je t'adore which means "I adore you." Six glistening heart-shaped chocolates will surely melt one's heart with every bite.
Choose from a combination of all dark (dark passion or valencia), all milk (milk passion or extra plaline), mixed (white strawberry, dark and milk passion, 4 of each) and dark and milk (6 of each)
  • Dark Passion - Dark chocolate Ganache infused with fine vanilla from Madagascar
  • Valencia - Dark chocolateGanache infused with orange juice and a pinch of cinnamon
  • Milk Passion - Milk chocolate Ganache with vanilla from Madagascar
  • Extra Praline
  • Strawberry - White chocolate coated with strawberry coating

    Put in a few more words of your eternal love and passion in a personalized card message that comes with each box.
    The Je T'Adore is also available in purple box of 16 piece chocolates.

    Valentine's Day Chocolates
    There is no valentine chocolates gift box for your loved one sweeter, darker, or any more seductive than Benoit's truffles and gourmet chocolates. Besides the Je t'adore box of chocolate, you may choose from a wide array of valentine's day gift chocolates.
    About the Chocolates
    Chocolates by Benoit is committed to providing a mouth-watering gourmet experience through the use of fresh, top-quality imported ingredients straight from Belgium. All chocolate selections are concocted from pure cocoa only. No additives and no preservatives added.
    What makes his chocolate so special? Benoit starts with excellent quality Belgian chocolate, then adds his special flair in creating exquisite combinations of flavours and textures. What’s more, a box of Benoit Nicolay’s chocolates won’t put a dent in your budget—making for a sweet surprise all around!

    Belgian Chocolate by Benoit Nicolay
    Being a true chocolate connoisseur, Benoit Nicolay had the passion to make his favorite Belgian chocolates. Since nobody was catering Belgian chocolates to Filipinos, he brought it to himself to create these heavenly delectable sweets. Since Benoit's company started, he is known to be the premiere producer of gourmet Belgian Chocolate and confections in Metro Manila. They specialize in creating chocolate gift baskets filled with secret delights, boxed chocolate truffles, and delectable chocolate gifts reachable anywhere in the Philippines by delivery.
    Today Benoit Nicolay is known among chocolate aficionados as the creator of the most delicious and authentic Belgian chocolates here in the Philippines. According to some ex-pat customers from Belgium, Benoit’s chocolates are even better than their favorites from home!

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