Monday, February 7, 2011

Power Books Chinese new year Sale! Up to 80% OFF!


1. All regular books will be included in the sale. Discounts will be from 20% up to 80%. Discounts are not applicable to "X," "XP", and magazines. 

2. Books purchased from the Powerbooks online website ( are not subject to sale discount. 

3. Discounts can be identified by the customers through a color coding scheme except for the following: 
a. Titles with no sticker have a discount of 20%. 
b. Titles with "blue sticker" have a discount of 40% 
c. Titles that have a "This copy only" sticker have a discount of 80% off. 

4. A sticker will be placed near the price tag of the book, identifying the discount. 

5. A legend poster will be placed in the store so that customers will be aware of the discount scheme. 
- No Sticker - 20% off
- Blue Sticker - 40% off
- This copy only - price indicated (80% off)

6. Offer cannot be combined with other existing promos including the Powercard and Powercard Plus.

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