Friday, February 11, 2011

Reader's Digest: Ready, Click, Win! the P40,000 Sweepstakes!

What is the Reader’s Digest Daily Sweepstakes?

Reader’s Digest Daily Sweepstakes is an ongoing sweepstakes that gives away a $1000 monthly prize. Registered users can enter every day of the month to maximize their chances of winning. A winner is chosen at the end of each month from the entries received.

How does the Reader’s Digest Daily Sweepstakes work?

First, users must register for the sweepstakes here .

Upon successful registration and confirmation of email address, users will receive an email daily with that day’s sweepstakes entry code. Users must go back to the Reader’s Digest website, enter the daily code and finish the daily entry process by following the directions online. Users can complete the daily entry process every day of the month for an additional daily entry – thus users can have as many entries in the monthly sweepstakes as there are days that month (31 entries in January, 30 entries in April, etc.). The more entries users have, the more they maximize their chance of winning that month’s prize.
At the end of every month, a winning entry is selected from all of that month’s entries, and a new monthly sweepstakes starts with the first day of the next month.

How do I register for Reader’s Digest Daily Sweepstakes?

Follow the directions here

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