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Today's Deal: P1000 for a 2-hour baby signs workshop for both parents at My Smart Hands (50% off a P2000 value)

  • For busy parents who are unable to take a full parent-and-child class
  • Workshop is for 2 hours
  • Parent will learn top first words of babies in sign language and easy techniques for successfully integrating signs into everyday life
  • Instructional materials include parent starter kit and sign poster
The Fine Print
  • Valid only in any one of the Saturday workshop schedules: February 26 and March 5, 10:00am-12:00nn or March 12 and 19, 4:00pm-6:00pm
  • P1000 coupon is valid only for both parents
  • For single attendee - guardian, nanny or one parent, price is P750/head
  • Workshop only for adults, no babies please
  • A person can buy up 5 to coupons which may be given to friends
  • Maximum of 50 persons per session
  • Reservation is required. Call at least 3 days before the scheduled session
  • Non-refundable if unable to attend the reserved schedule, but you can use the same coupon and reschedule for another time
  • See the rules that apply to all deals

For more Information

Children learn in multiple ways and their intelligence is developing continuously. Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, developer of American Sign Language, saw that hearing children’s language development increased from the use of sign. This led him to believe that “the more varied the form under which language is presented to the mind through various senses, the more perfect will be the knowledge of it acquired, and the more permanently will it be retained.”

This multi-sensory approach to learning is recognized and embraced by My Smart Hands. Fascinated by the concept of using sign language to help promote literacy, Laura Berg, the founder of My Smart Hands, brought the theory back to the classrooms. Her success prompted her to lecture for teacher education programs at universities. Further into her research, she was introduced to the benefits of sign language for babies. This paved the way for My Smart Hands in 2005. Using her background on teaching as well as curriculum development, and armed with a post-graduate degree in Education and pre-interpreter’s degree, Laura developed the My Smart Hands curriculum.

My Smart Hands offers sign language and play classes for hearing babies and toddlers. It uses 100% American Sign Language. Classes were first offered in Canada, where Laura Berg resided. Today, with nearly 100 instructors providing the opportunity for families to sign with their babies, it has gained recognition in several countries, especially North America and Canada. Beneficiaries of My Smart Hands witnessed the benefits of signing, such as the decrease of frustration in babies, stronger parent-child bonding, and developed confidence. Meanwhile, the long-term effects of learning American Sign Language are higher levels of IQ and increased spelling skills and reading comprehension among children. Having been exposed to special education, Alaine Antonio, a graduate student of Special Education from the University of the Philippines, is familiar with sign language and its benefits. She discovered My Smart Hands in 2009 when she stumbled upon a video of a 12-month-old baby on the Internet.

Alaine passed on this information to her sister residing in Florida in the US, who then brought My Smart Hands into her home. Alaine’s nephew in the United States was her first teacher in sign language. He is only 2 years old and has been diagnosed to have cerebral palsy. Although her nephew is able to hear, he has a speech delay because of this diagnosis. However, he is still able to communicate effectively. He taught Alaine with his hands that although he has no voice, he is still able to speak. While children with disabilities benefit from this program, regular children reap the same benefits as well. Alaine witnessed during her trip overseas the remarkable effects of sign language on young children. When Alaine came back to the Philippines, she brought home a certification in American Sign Language and My Smart Hands, Asia.

Asian countries have several and diverse home languages. My Smart Hands, Asia allows learners to acquire the universal language of American Sign Language (ASL) without compromising their mother tongue. Translated manuals and the use of music familiar to each culture will be used in classrooms, yet the sign language learned remains 100% ASL.

Just as its international parent has achieved, My Smart Hands, Asia continues to bring to parents, educators and children better understanding of the value of communication early in life. As a child development program that recognizes the value of ASL, My Smart Hands, Asia acts as a bridge to more meaningful communication in Asian homes, schools and communities.

My Smart Hands
WCC Kids Academy International
Unit 104 Ground Floor, AIC Gold Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Avenue corner Garnet Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605
Operating Hours: February 26 and March 5, 10:00am-12:00nn
March 12 and 19, 4:00pm-6:00pm
Tel: (02) 9962393 / (0928) 5521071
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"I started teaching my daughter baby signs when she was about 7 months old. At first I got frustrated at first because I did not seem to be getting any positive feedback from her. Finally, when she was about 10 months old, she started doing the sign for light, which I did not teach her until the day that she started signing it. She loves to do the sign light and at 13 months, still does it all the time. Once she started signing light, it was only about two weeks until she started doing five more signs: dog, milk, eat, bye-bye, and snow. By eleven months, she had really gotten the hang of signing and I was so happy that I had stuck with it." - Elaine

"‘More’, ‘more’, ‘more’, ‘more’, ‘more’. Caleb clearly (and frequently) requests ‘more’. What, you may ask, does an 18 month old want more of? More cheerios, more tickling, more crackers, more songs, more pizza, more spinning, more cookies… more EVERYTHING!! I began signing some words to Caleb when he was about 7 months old. We started with ‘eat’ and ‘more’ (two VERY important concepts to a baby). He got ‘more’ first around 10 months, and picked up ‘eat’ shortly thereafter. I have tried other signs with him, like ‘water’ which he does alright with, and ‘ice’ which he didn’t pick up at all (he thought I was saying “eyes” and pointed to those)." - Deena

LocalRoam Says
This exclusive baby signs workshop is great for mommies and daddies with infants or little toddlers. Babies who have been properly taught signing are less frustrated because they are able to communicate the most common language such as – hungry, ouch, full, water, and many more. The learning experience is also a perfect parent-child bonding activity.

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