Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today's Deal: Only P250 for a Shoot with a Special Valentine Day set-up & 2 Free 4R instant prints at Blow-Up Babies (valued at P500)

Preserve memories, capture fleeting moments, 
or make believe that you’re a model, 
with Blow-Up Babies’ full production photography.

In Detail:
  • Voucher is valid for a special Valentine’s Day shoot with 2 free 4R instant prints.
  • Voucher is valid from February 13 to February 17, 2011.
  • Purchase limited to 3 vouchers per person.
  • Standard Ensogo Terms:
    • Voucher is transferable and may give as gift.
    • Price includes all service charge and VAT
    • No cash back (non-refundable) or credit for any unused amount.
    • Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any discount card or promotion
  • Store Operating Hours: 11:00AM to 9:00PM
  • Vouchers must be redeemed on Sunday from 2:00PM to 7:00PM, and from Monday to Thursday, from 12:00NN to 7:00PM.
  • Reservation is NOT required.
  • Promo includes the special Valentine's Day set-up only and not just a regular photo shoot
  • Experience full-production photography in the hands of some of the country’s youngest achievers in the fields of film, photography, and advertising.
  • Perfect if you want to a) preserve memories, b) capture fleeting moments, or c) simply pretend to be a model.
  • A great Valentine’s Day activity for couples, barkadas, families, or even those who are single.

Strengthen your bond
Show your love
Celebrate your individuality
Document your first steps towards motherhood
Revel in your uniqueness
Know no limits to your imagination

About Blow Up Babies:

Photography used to be a luxury, until the brilliant French photographer Disderi made mass-production of photographs possible. We have certainly come a long way from Disderi’s mounted photographs, with our dime-a-dozen digital cameras and hundreds of photos for everyone’s perusal on Facebook. However fun personal photos can be, sometimes, we want something more—perhaps something more creative, or something out of the ordinary, that our mere mortal, nay, amateur photo-taking capabilities can’t muster.

“But I’m not a model or a celebrity with professional photographers and studios at my beck and call!” you may say. This is where Blow-Up Babies comes in.

Blow-Up Babies, conceptualized by some of the country’s most acclaimed creative professionals, is the country’s first full-production photography studio. None of those fake blue skies (honestly, who was ever fooled into thinking those could pass off as real?), tacky tie-dye backgrounds, and what-have-you. Blow-Up Babies specializes in making fantastic portraits—and that’s a guarantee. And Blow-Up Babies’ only way of making fantastic portraits is to go full-blast, taking care of every detail of your photo session—from costumes, sets, and lighting. And as if that weren’t enough, digital post-production work is also done on each of your photos.

No room for mediocre photos here at Blow-Up Babies. Only awesome photos.Stand still and look pretty, or act wild and crazy in front of the camera—there’s a moment or two (quite possibly more) worth capturing there. Trust Blow-Up Babies to get the perfect shot.


"I had my baby's christening invitations done in BUB. They were fun. Plus, the photos were great! And the staff was very professional!” - France

"I’ve been a member of Blow-Up Babies since November and have been having my son's picture taken every month,nakaka- addict talaga! The pictures are so cute! Customer service is great and the photographers are so patient.” - Bambee

"Blow-Up Babies is AWESOME! The photographers are really good, their set-ups are amazing and the prints come out beautifully.” - Val

Blow Up Babies
2nd Floor, Shops at Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, The Fort, Taguig

For reservations, please contact:
Phone #: (02) 909-7998
Blow Up Babies Website
Other links:
Facebook Page
Google Map

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